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Introversion: An Introduction

In-tro-vert a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. This simply little word changed my life forever when I discovered it all the way back in tenth grade. I had been looking into shyness since that’s the word everyone around me used, and then found this one instead:… Continue reading Introversion: An Introduction

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Mindfulness: An Introduction

Mindfulness has been a new interest of mine. It’s not something I really believed in before, but when life gets a bit chaotic and I’m running out of options I begin changing my mind set and being open to other possibilities. Mindfulness, I knew, was about meditation and focusing on yourself, what I wasn’t aware… Continue reading Mindfulness: An Introduction

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Minimalism Introduction

Minimalism has definitely been thrust into the spotlight this past while and so many individuals have adopted the lifestyle and gained so much from doing so. But I think we should begin with what it actually is. Minimalism varies in definition form person to person and this is what is so great about it. Instead… Continue reading Minimalism Introduction