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INTJ’s: Why we need Mindfulness

14-l-intj mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of meditation and centering ourselves with our own body and mind. It’s about being aware of how we feel and the stress we put on our bodies, it’s about becoming more in tune with our thoughts and learning how to be present, and in the moment…something I think many INTJ’s lack.

INTJ’s are one of the 16 personalities created from the MBTI or Myers-Briggs personality test (I explained this in a previous post that can be found here). And I am an INTJ that can speak from experience.

Racing thoughts…

We are known for our racing thoughts and constant ideas, we are known for our perfectionism and pushing ourselves to be better, we are known to forget to take care of ourselves in pursuit of our projects. We are not known for our calm presence, but our serious demeanor.

And yet…

When relaxed and with people we are close with, INTJ’s can become laid-back, playful even. Yes we will always carry that seriousness around with us, but we can let go when the moment is right. And I sought only to create more of those moments.

Thus I believe INTJ’s, and many others as well, can greatly benefit from the practice of mindfulness. I have not been doing it long, but I can already see the improvements.


I practice using the Calm app (more information can be found in the Mindfulness: An Introduction), every morning for ten minutes. I wait until I’m ready, I sit down on my bed, with my headphones in, and I relax myself, I let myself focus on my breath.

And while I’m no expert, and my thoughts still get in the way, they are no longer racing, I can think, and then bring myself slowly back to my breath.

I don’t have as many bad days, because the meditation sets the mood for the day. It lets me let go of everything negative and I can focus better on the tasks I plan to do afterwards.

I have become more productive, I find I have more energy; I am more appreciative of my life because I keep a gratitude journal. I know what I have, and I love what I have.

By no means is it a fool proof system, but it is a start.

And us INTJ’s need that start, we need a way to get out of our spiral down of negative thoughts and we need to learn to pick ourselves back up again.

We are known for our self-improvement, so why don’t we add mindfulness to that list?


14-p-intj mindfulness


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