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How I Use the Calm App

12-l-calm app

The Calm app is a mindfulness app that provides meditation sessions and sleep stories. It’s an app that was recommended to me by my doctor and has changed my outlook on life. I never truly believed in meditation before, but have come to believe, even welcomed this new experience.

This app, even in the free version, can be quite diverse.

Unguided meditation

Besides the guided meditation sessions, it provides unguided meditations. These sessions include bells that can set to ring every two, five, or ten minutes to remind you to come back to your breathing instead of trailing your thoughts and mind.

Using the free version, after you’ve finished their seven days of calm and their daily calm sessions available, you are left with these unguided meditations, which is what I use now. I remind myself of what I learned in the guided ones and I take myself through my session based on what I think I need for that day. If I feel a little too frustrated I’ll simply tap back into a daily calm and follow the guide.


There are different sounds that can also be set, nature sounds mostly, like rain on leaves, or wind in the pines. Whatever relaxes you the most you can set the app to play it.

I love the sound of rain and I listen to it when I’m taking a break, when I’m folding laundry, or some other quiet task. It helps me focus directly on what I’m doing and also reminds me to keep track of my thoughts and center myself again.

It’s something not distracting that I can listen to when I’m writing, or blogging, it’s a calming sound that breathes back a comfort to my mind.


At the bottom of the screen there are three buttons, and the first says “breathe” this gives you a circle to follow with your breath. When I don’t want to sit and do a full meditation, I’ll click this instead and simply do some deep breathing following along with sounds and rhythm to remind myself to slow down and take my time again.

This app has changed my life, I use it in so many different ways, and it is truly the best way, in my opinion, to learn and understand meditation (even for those that are completely against it at first).


12-p-calm app


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