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Three Ways to Be Mindful

9-l-be mindful

Mindfulness is a new interest of mine, but that has not stopped me from finding some ways to stay mindful and keep on track with my practice and self-improvement.


I already explained this app in a previous post, but I’ll give an overview. It’s an app dedicated to mediation that provides guided sessions that one can follow along with to get started on their mindfulness journey.

I usually do a session each morning after I’ve finished getting ready for the day. It’s about ten minutes and sets my mood more the day. It gives me peace and reminds me to slow down.


Another technique that has helped me is writing down three things I’m grateful for everyday and stating why. I keep this in my journal or in my phone using the notes section on my Daylio app (this is a mood tracking app).

By keeping track of those little things throughout the day it has helped me focus more on the positives in life instead of dwelling on the negatives.


Music is another great way to get your mood up or to calm down. I try to put playlists together, but if I don’t have the songs downloaded I put something on Youtube and use the related videos.

Simply listening to music you like has actually been scientifically proven to improve your overall mood and make one genuinely happier.

These are a few small ways to stay mindful and calm, being aware of our lives is one thing, but being aware of our own bodies and minds is something we all need a little more of.


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