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Mindfulness: An Introduction

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Mindfulness has been a new interest of mine. It’s not something I really believed in before, but when life gets a bit chaotic and I’m running out of options I begin changing my mind set and being open to other possibilities.

Mindfulness, I knew, was about meditation and focusing on yourself, what I wasn’t aware of was how effective it could be, how calm it can make one feel and it gives you permission to slow down and take your time.

Mindfulness by definition is:

  1. a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Since journeying into mindfulness I have become quite intrigued into its systems and practices. It has helped me be more aware and like I mentioned above gave me permission to slow down-something I was trying desperately to achieve, but was unsuccessful in, until I started the practice.

The one resource that helped me get started is the Calm app. It is free; however the full app requires a monthly purchase. The free version works just fine because it’s the one I use. This app provides meditation sessions that can be practiced every day. There are:

  • guided sessions, where someone will take you through the mediation
  • unguided sessions, where the control is all up to you
  • And sleep stories, that are supposed to calm you down at night and help you have a better night’s sleep (something that hasn’t worked for me well, so I plan to stick with the meditation sessions)
  • There is also a button that says breathe when you open the app that times a full deep breath that you can follow along with.
  • You also get to choose the sounds, i.e. rain on leaves, mountain lake, etc.

For someone like me that has no idea where to begin, I highly recommend this app.

Mindfulness is a slow journey, and it takes practice, but I believe it will help me better myself and is something I plan to carry on as my life continues.


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