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Three Ways to Be Mindful

Mindfulness is a new interest of mine, but that has not stopped me from finding some ways to stay mindful and keep on track with my practice and self-improvement. Calm I already explained this app in a previous post, but I’ll give an overview. It’s an app dedicated to mediation that provides guided sessions that… Continue reading Three Ways to Be Mindful

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Elements of Eloquence: A Book Review

The Elements of Eloquence by Mark Forsyth is a wonderful book, you’re learning something new, and at the same time you’re laughing at Forsyth’s wit and humor. The Synopsis: From classic poetry to pop lyrics, from Charles Dickens to Dolly Parton, even from Jesus to James Bond, Mark Forsyth explains the secrets that make a… Continue reading Elements of Eloquence: A Book Review

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Printing Introduction: Poems and Photos

This section of my blog is dedicated to my writing and photography. Here you will find phrases, poems, and photos that I have created and wish to share with you. Here are a few to begin with: Most of these little writings will be shared on Instagram, but I will put together a round up… Continue reading Printing Introduction: Poems and Photos

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Sustainable Fashion: Part 2

Sustainable fashion has been getting the recognition it deserves since the disaster of Rana Plaza. People have been speaking out, becoming more aware of the issues and what they can do to help. Companies have been formed on the basis of ethically made, sustainable fashion, so an incident like Rana Plaza never happens again. Co-Founder… Continue reading Sustainable Fashion: Part 2

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Sustainable Fashion Part 1

This is another series I am bringing over from my old blog. There’s all this talk about mindfulness and minimalism. It’s become a trend, a complete lifestyle switch, to try to live the most fulfilling life that focuses on family and friends and the passions that truly excite our soul. And while most have indulged… Continue reading Sustainable Fashion Part 1

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Mobile Lens Kit: A Review

This was my most popular post from my old blog, so I will be giving it an update and carrying it over to this one. The Mobile Lens Kits seem to have a bit of hype lately, as I got more into photography I found a simply set at Urban Outfitters, and then received it… Continue reading Mobile Lens Kit: A Review

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Introversion: An Introduction

In-tro-vert a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. This simply little word changed my life forever when I discovered it all the way back in tenth grade. I had been looking into shyness since that’s the word everyone around me used, and then found this one instead:… Continue reading Introversion: An Introduction